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Code 3®, Inc. has been a global leader in the design, manufacture and marketing of a full line of emergency lighting and warning products for over 26 years. Its products are sold in over 70 countries worldwide through a network of dealers, distributors, representatives and authorized agents. Code 3®, Inc. is ISO 9001 certified and is committed to developing products that meet and exceed international industry standards and our customers' needs for high quality and reliability.

Many of the products featured in the Code 3® or PSE Amber sections of this website can be configured to meet the demands of emergency response vehicles and industrial users throughout the world. In order to find out more about our products, or to find our nearest sales agent, please use a link below to contact us.

Find a Code 3 Representative Find a PSE Representative
US Phone number: (314) 426-2700 x 1298
US Fax number: (314) 426-1337 for general inquiries
(800) 242-4034 for purchase orders

Code 3, Inc.
Damon Lewis - VP of International Sales
(913) 940-6877


Code 3, Inc.
Radek Bobinski - Eastern Europe and Russia Sales Representative
+ 48 606 261 100


Code 3, Inc.
Javier Gomez de Bonilla - Western Europe
+33 (6) 87 67 07 59

Code 3, Inc.
Jose Antonio Ochoa - Regional Manager - Latin America & Caribbean
+52 1 5264 8335 (office)  +52 1 551359 3730 (cell)


Code 3, Inc.
Greg Ennis - Canadian Sales Representative
+1 519-939-6396 (cell)



ECE65 Certified Products
CL199 and CL299 LED BeaconsPoliceFire
MR6 LED LightheadsWarning
VigiLED IIPoliceFire
Sprinter SirenPolice
MR6 LED LightheadsPoliceFire
Defender (EU Approved Models)PoliceFire
Chase LED LightPoliceFire
4-Pack LED Hide-A-BlastPoliceFire
RX 2700CC-EUPoliceFire
21TR, 21TR Plus, 21TR-EUPoliceFire
T-Rex SeriesPoliceFire

24 Volt Products


LP 6000:PoliceFire
MX 7000:PoliceFire

Interior Lighting

Chase LED Light:PoliceFire
Compartment Lighting - 400 Series:PoliceFire
Compartment Lighting - 500 Series:PoliceFire
MR6 LED Lightheads:PoliceFireWarning
Single Head XT4 & XT6 MultiColor:PoliceFireWarning
XT4DS:  Warning

Exterior Lighting

Stop/Turn/Tail Lights: Fire
Forge LED Light:PoliceFire
LED Scene Light: Fire
Strobe Perimeter Lights: Fire
Swivel Worklights:PoliceFire
VigiLED II:PoliceFire


RLS Remote Lighted Siren:PoliceFireWarning
Sprinter Siren:Police


550 Series:PoliceFire
CL199 and CL299 LED Beacons:PoliceFire

Mini Bars & Large Beacons

420 LED Series Mini Bar:PoliceFire
420 Rotator Series Mini Bar:PoliceFireWarning
420 Strobe Series Mini Bar:PoliceFireWarning
LP 6100 Rotator Mini Bar:PoliceFire
Quadrant Mini Bar:PoliceFire

Traffic Advisors & Controllers



Back-up Alarms:PoliceFireWarning
Backup Camera CC7003-K:PoliceFire
Backup Camera CK4200M:PoliceFire
Backup Camera CK7000B:PoliceFire

Victory Motorcycles

Single Head XT4 & XT6 MultiColor:PoliceFire
XT4 Series Exterior Light:Police

Honda Motorcycles

XT3 Series Exterior Light:Police
XT4 Series Exterior Light for Honda:Police
XT6 Series Exterior Light for Honda:Police

Field Use Photos

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