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The SmartPro software flash pattern controller box can quickly program an entire fleet of lightbars with the touch of a button. The Code 3 cc board and 1050FPP controller will give you greater flexibility, easier set up, and more options than ever before when configuring your new Code 3 cc style lightbar! To download the Smart Pro Software please see the Code 3 Secure Website. To download .net4 please click here.  For more information on the lightbar configuration upgrades click here.


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  • Program flash patterns, rates, and synchronicity right from your computer. 
  • With the touch of a button easily clone flash pattern configurations on the Defender, RX 2700CC, 21TR Plus or MC Series, Triumph, and Solex lightbars
  • Save time programming a fleet of lightbars by cloning configurations using the SmartPro controller
  • Step-by-Step configuration software makes configuring a lightbar quick and easy

Design Features

  • New SmartPro has two cables, one for programming bars with the older CC boards and one for programming bars for the newer CC boards. 
  • Writes flash patterns to a lightbar and/or reads flash patterns from a lightbar
  • Allows for cloning of lightbar flash patterns
  • 950: Up to 9 pairs of heads can be programmed with 13 patterns for a total of 90 unique flash pattern selections
  • Portable for programming a lightbar on a vehicle
  • Used with 1000 family software (1000, 1050, 1051)
  • Backwards compatible with 800, 950, and 951 FFP Series Software
  • Two cable connectors: 1 for 1000 family cc lightbars and 1 for 900 family cc lightbars

Additional Features

  • ArrowStik end flash modules are configurable in MultiColor lightbars.
  • ArrowStik emergency modules in MultiColor lightbars flash the non-amber color when Arrowstik modes are on, every 4 cycles.
  • Takedowns and MultiColor white scene lights can be turned on together on one wire, likewise MultiColor corners can be combined with alley lights on one wire.
  • The synchronous capability allows you to have synchronized flash patterns in one level selection
  • Driver’s side cutoff options are available to interface with the drivers’ door on certain vehicles in 1051 software series bars (21TR, Solex, and Triumph).

Special Notes on 1000, 1050, 1051 Software

  • Old SmartPros (950FPP) are not compatible with new cc lightbars.
  • If you would like to use the same configurations for the new bars that you have used for old lightbars, all you need to do is either call up a saved configuration (already on your computer) or plug in the correct SmartPro cable into your old lightbar that has the configurations that you desire, and upload that into the computer, selecting the software number associated with that lightbar (i.e. 950). Once loaded into the computer you can either write down or do a print out of the screen to put those values into the new 1000 family of software. Then you can download this configuration into the new cc lightbars.
  • New features and software are not available on old lightbars.

Standard Options

The SmartPro controller box offers two options for configuring multiple lightbars in a short amount of time:

Quick: Clone an existing lightbar flash pattern configuration with a hard wire connection from the lightbar to the SmartPro that allows you to copy the flash patterns to multiple lightbars.

Enhanced: Create a new flash pattern configuration using the SmartPro software (thumb drive supplied) and copy that to the SmartPro controller to set up multiple lightbars.

General Specifications

  • Dimensions: 6.25" x 3.63" x 1.25" (158.75 mm x 92.2 mm x 31.75 mm)
  • Battery operated: 4 AAA batteries provided
  • Computer programmable: transfers to device with USBA to Micro USB cable (provided)
  • Software: Provided on included flash drive

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RX 2700CC
21TR Plus MultiColor
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