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Adjustable Mounting Kits

Adjustable Mounting Kit

Adjustable Mounting Kit zoom

The adjustable mounting kit from Code 3 provides a universal fit that allows the lightbar to be adjusted to perfectly match the contours of today’s police vehicles. All new lightbars shipped will have the adjustable mounting kit unless they have lighted mounting feet.




  • A bracket system allows the lightbar to be adjusted for height and front/back angle to ensure the lightbar is perfectly level
  • Vertical adjustment for the mounting kit is up to 0.625 (16mm) inch up or down
  • A simple, one mounting bolt system per side makes mounting and installation a breeze
  • Zinc plated and black powder coated with a hard polypropylene cover for extreme durability in even the harshest environments
  • Pursuit speed tested – no extra brackets are required to meet pursuit speed rating
  • Design complements the sleek aesthetic of today’s police vehicles

General Specifications

  • 7.84”L x 2.26”H x 12.25”W (standard)
  • Weigh 2.9lbs each (standard)
  • 1 year warranty


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