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Arch Beacon

Arch Beacon

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Manufactured less than 20 miles from the Saint Louis Arch, the Arch beacon is designed for large dump trucks commonly used by the D.O.T. for snow plowing and road repair. The biggest and brightest LED beacon on the market offering the greatest protection for the vehicle operator.

Snow Plow
Tow Truck
Utility / Public Works


  • Super Sized LED beacon offers an extremely bright and tall warning signal.
  • Comes in a variety of models designed to meet different vehicle requirements.

Design Features

  • Provides 360 degree Coverage (except in Half Beacon Model)
  • 36 LED (full) or 18 LED (half)
  • Full Versions come in solid, multicolor (dual color) or steady burn white LEDs. See Options tab for LED color selection for each version. Includes Dimming Capabilities.
  • Half Beacon Model is designed for half solid flashing (Red, Amber, Blue) and half with no light protecting driver's from flashback. Includes Dimming.
  • Amber, Red, Blue, and Clear Polycarbonate Lens (Lens color depends on model selected)
  • 13 MultiColor Flash Patterns (simultaneously color sync with other MC beacons) See above for LED color selection.
  • Permanent Mount Standard
  • Failure Mode Detection Circuit
  • ECE65 Single Color - 6 Flash Patterns

Standard Options

  • Solid Color Model: Available in Amber, Red, and Blue LEDs with Matching or Clear Lens. Multiple Flash Patterns including ECE65 Class 1 & 2 (in 6 flash patterns)
  • MultiColor Model: Available in Amber/White, Blue/Amber, Red/Amber, and Red/Blue LEDs with Clear Lens. Flashes one color then the other color
  • Two-in-One Model: Half Amber, Blue, or Red Flashing LEDs and Half White Stead Burn, Clear Lens only. Great for locations with front only viewing
  • Arch Branch Guard
  • 1" Pipe Mount

General Specifications

  • 6.125" H x 7.0" D (155.58 mm x 177.8 mm)
  • 12 Volt
  • 6 Amps max with 3 Amps average
  • 5-Year Warranty on LEDs
  • Meets Applicable SAE J845 Class 1 and California Title 13 requirements when properly configured
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