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The Matrix System is a custom lighting package designed specifically for the demands of dump truck driving, providing the ultimate visual safety to drivers for tough road and weather conditions. Click here to see the Matrix Infographic

Utility / Public Works
Tow Truck
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  • The Matrix warning lights are designed specifically to provide superior vertical and horizontal light output passing CA T13 even at a 30 degree tilt of the truck bed
  • The Matrix Central Controller synchronizes all warning lights on the vehicle, providing greater security to both the truck and driver
  • The Matrix Controller lets you see at a glance if all warning lights are working properly saving tremendous time determining lighting and wiring issues

Design Features

  • Matrix III Warning Lights meet required California Title 13 at 30 degree truck bed tilt
  • Matrix Central Controller synchronizes all warning lights
  • Patented Matrix Central Controller displays a green LED signifying that the Matrix lights are functioning properly
  • LEDs are available in single or dual color: Amber, Blue, White, Green, and Red
  • Lenses available in Amber, Blue, Red, and Clear
  • Matrix III warning lights utilize waterproof plugs
  • Selectable Dimming Mode
  • Gang Plow Control - allows rear warning lights to be turned off
  • Multiple flash patterns available
  • Matrix III Warning S/T/T and Reverse Lights can be mounted inside heavy duty stainless steel enclosures making them virtually indestructible
  • C3VUE Online configurator available to layout your truck with the right amount of light for maximum driver protection

General Specifications

  • Control Box Dimensions: 8.75" L x 5.25" W x 3.3" H (222.25 x 133.35 x 83.82 mm)
  • Cable lengths: Switch Box to CC (5 ft.); Power to CC (15 ft.); CC to Overhead lights (20 or 40 ft.); CC to Beacons (20 or 40 ft.); CC to 3x5 and XT3 (20 ft.)
  • Matrix III lightheads meet CA T13 and SAE requirements
  • 12 Volts
  • 5-Year LED Warranty
  • Weight of Control Box: 1.5 pounds
Items to Complete Your Vehicle Package

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T-Rex Series
DuoBeam II
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