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Product Troubleshooting Guide

Review the tips below to help you troubleshoot some of the most common installation or operation problems that may occur.  If additional assistance is needed or we do not list a problem that you are encountering, please contact our Technical Service Department at (314) 996-2800.

Basic Troubleshooting: See the “Troubleshooting” section at the end of the Install Manual for the product you are installing or operating. Install Manuals can be found by clicking here.
Installer Troubleshooting: See the tips below for the most common installation or operation problems that may occur.

No Output from a Code 3 Siren Unit:

  • Gnd Statement:  Checking that you have a good ground is one of the most important troubleshooting techniques a Tech can use when there is no output or a siren unit is intermittent.
  • If siren can be heard inside the amplifier the problem may be an open coil in the speaker driver or poor wiring contact
  • Ensure no ground at the park kill position by removing wire from park kill position on siren board (bottom circuit board)
  • Ensure siren lock is not engaged by placing siren lock dip switch in the off position (up)
  • Flow chart troubleshoot assist:
No Output
Troubleshooting Guide


Problems Installing Horn Ring Transfer

(Note:  RLS horn ring transfer always occurs at level 2-3, MasterCom can be selected for level 2-3 or level 3 only using the dip switch at the back of the unit, V-Con does not have a built in relay, therefore an external relay must be used).

  • You can verify remote is operating properly by placing gnd or 12v on the remote input of the siren board (gnd or 12 v is determined by the remote input configuration)
  • Verify horn ring transfer relay is good by measuring continuity between horn ring position and the remote position on the relay board when in level 2 or 3 based on dip switch setting
Troubleshooting Guide


Use of Switch C on Code 3 Light Control Sirens

  • Unlike the other the Aux switches Switch C has 3 terminal positions and requires a common or power feed at Switch C Com
  • With 12v at SW C Com measure voltage at SW C NC (normal close) terminal should be 12 v
  • Depress Sw C, then measure voltage at SW C NO (normal open) terminal should be 12 v, if not unit is defective Call for RMA
Troubleshooting Guide


Code 3/PSE Amber 420 Beacon Cigarette Plug Gets Hot

  • Cigarette lighter plug power cords are intended for short duration, intermittent operation only! See manual for additional warnings and precautions
  • Unit draws approx 9 amps some vehicle electrical systems are not design to handle this load because of vehicle wiring and cig plug surface area contact point
  • Recommend hard wiring by connecting the ground wire power cord (smooth lead) to vehicle chassis (earth), or preferably the negative (earth) terminal of the battery.  Bring the positive wire power cord (ribbed lead) to the user supplied control switch, and then to the battery or to the stud on the battery side of the starter solenoid or alternator.  Install a fuse or circuit breaker of 10 Amp capacity in the supply line to protect the vehicle’s wiring system against short circuits
Troubleshooting Guide


Problems Installing a Code 3/PSE Amber Flasher

  • Code 3 standard flashers are not authorized for use on the following vehicles:
    • All Chrysler Vehicles
    • Ford Super Duty trucks
  • Code 3 plug in flasher are vehicle specific so ensure vehicle has a police package before ordering
  • Installer must know what type of headlight electrical system the vehicle has positive or negative switching
  • Headlights need to be electrically separated for alternating pattern (refer to the Code 3 flasher manual for proper wire cutting, NOTE:  Refer to vehicle maker for wire location)
  • Basic wiring pattern for Code 3 flasher:
    • Red- 12v
    • Black- ground
    • White- flash mode enabler 1 (12v)
    • Orange- flash mode enabler 2 (12v)
    • Blue- output to headlights
    • Yellow- output to headlights
Troubleshooting Guide


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