Posted by Nathan Rosenfeld on December 1, 2011 at 12:00 AM UTC

When you are programming a Z3 siren,+12V needs to be applied to the main power (red wire in the 2 pin plug in the bottom corner by the 20A fuse) and ground connected to the black wire. Ignition must be turned off before plugging the siren into the computer via USB (+12v cannot be on the white ignition wire). If you are using the Sleep Timer feature the ignition will still be active for as long as the sleep timer is set for. (If the control head is backlit the ignition is on) You can defeat this by unplugging the main power connector momentarily which will reset the unit. If the siren is plugged into the computer while ignition is active the Configuration Software will need to be closed and restarted for the siren to connect to the computer properly.

Code 3 Z3 Siren Programming

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Emergency/Warning Vehicle Lighting & Sirens

Z3 Siren Programming


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