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When contacting Code 3 Inc. for assistance with a lightbar, it is best to provide the serial number which is generally placed on the driver-side corner which is visible through the outer lens.  The serial number will allow your question or concern to be handled in an expeditious manner.  The serial number will allow Code 3 Inc. to identify all the parts and light modules of the original build of the lightbar.

A typical Code 3 light product will consist of LED’s or STROBE Modules.  Using the term ‘strobe’ to describe a particular module whether led or strobe will lengthen the time it takes to determine or troubleshoot your product.

A few simple points of observances that will aid in the identification of the part are:
1)  Is there an internal or external high voltage power supply (not to be confused with a flasher module) used for the light modules?
       a. Then it is a strobe.
2)  Is there a wire wrapped around a glass tube (straight, looped or curved)?
       a. Then it is a strobe.
3)  Do you hear a distinct ‘tick’ sound when the lights flash?
       a. Then it is a strobe.

The placement of a led or strobe module can be located anywhere in the lightbar.
If your observances do not fall with these simple descriptions then most likely you have a LED light module.

Please keep in mind that other manufacturers may indicate a ‘strobing’ effect when describing their LED product, it does mean that it is an actual strobe product.

If your product is a lightbar, then it may consist of a combination of strobes and led units.  Attention must be given not to assume that seeing either type of light module is an accurate description of the product.

Strobes and led modules can be part a lightbar or stand-alone products only consisting of a strobe or led.  The location of the product is not a determining factor to identify the part.  Auxiliary headlight / taillight device flashing effects can be performed by a led or strobe and is not exclusive to strobes as they once were.

Code 3 Serial number identification of lightbar module types

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Serial number identification of lightbar module types


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