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When utilizing the Smart Pro light bar programmer it is important to use the right software mode when configuring your light bars flash patterns. There are three different series of firmware that light bars can be programmed with. These selections are changeable through the drop down menu labeled “select series”. If the firmware version of the light bar is unknown please call the Tech support hotline (314-996-2800) or email the serial number to If the incorrect firmware version is used when configuring the light bar in the Smart Pro configuration software the selected flash pattern will not be demonstrated by the Light bar. With this in mind you must also use the correct flash pattern based on your light bar’s build.

Each light bars has three zones corners, front, and rear are the three zones of a light bar. If one of the zones has a multi-color module in it you will be able to select from all 4 flash pattern modes. These options are “Standard”, “Primary Only”, “Secondary Only”, and “Primary Driver Side/Secondary Passenger Side”. When a zone has all multi-color modules select from any of the flash pattern modes.* If your multi-color light bar has a zone that only has single color modules in it, select from the standard flash patterns.** Any other select will cause the flash pattern that you have selected to go to factory default. When selecting the flash pattern for a pair of single color LED modules that are in a multi-color zone; select from the “Primary Only” flash patterns.*** Any other selection will result in extended dead/off time in the light bar. Multi-color LED modules in a multi-color zone are able to use all flash pattern modes.

* Front zone (green)

** Rear zone (blue)

*** Corner zone of light bar (purple) 

Code 3 Utilizing the Smart Pro light bar programmer

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Emergency/Warning Vehicle Lighting & Sirens

Utilizing the Smart Pro light bar programmer


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